Abstract Submission

1. Abstract Submission

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All abstracts must be submitted together with the necessary information at the designated page during the following period:

  • Abstract submission opens: 15 (Mon) January 2018
  • Abstract submission closes: 11 (Wed) 24:00UTC [12 (Thu) 9:00JST] April 2018
  • Abstract decision will be made before the date when Early-bird registration opens: 29 (Sun) April 2018
All abstracts must be prepared according to the following instructions:
  • They should be completed using this template, or its pdf file.
  • The abstract must fit within one page of standard A4 size.
  • Do not change fonts, font size, line spacing and so on for the sake of consistency throughout the abstract pdf booklet.
  • They must be submitted after converting to PDF files.
  • The abstract file should be named as the name of corresponding author in capital letters (e.g., AUTHOR.pdf). If you want to submit two abstracts, the file names could be AUTHOR1.pdf and AUTHOR2.pdf to be distinguished from each other.
When you submit an abstract, you are asked to select one of the six session themes, of which detailed description can be seen here.

Please submit your abstract with necessary information through this page.

2. Travel-Grant Application

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We have a limited amount of grant by WCRP and others for travel support for Early Career Scientists (ECS) and PhD students. Here the early career scientists should be post-graduates and researchers who received their highest degree in 2013 or later. The grants are a partial support for the travel expenses to attend the general assembly (could be 1,000 CHF(Swiss Franc) or less) and/or waiver of the registration fee. This support gives priority to applications from developing countries.

Applicants should download an application form (GrantApp.docx, or GrantApp.pdf), and send the following documents

  1. the completed application form
  2. your abstract file already submitted online
by email to sparcGA2018TGA@kugi.kyoto-u.ac.jp .

Deadline for the submission of these application documents is 15 (Thu) 24:00UTC [16 (Fri) 9:00JST] March 2018.

3. Awards for Best Presentations by ECS

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Awards will be made to the best presentations by Early Career Scientists (ECS) in each of the six themes. To qualify for these awards, the ECS must be the lead presenting author. Eligible ECS are researchers who were awarded their highest degree after 1 January 2013. Please indicate your eligibility when you submit your abstract on "New Submission" page. The ECS awards are kindly supported by a grant from Google's Project Loon.