Supervision of doctoral theses

  1. Seiji SUGATA (Nov., 1993)
    "Numerical and Theoretical Studies on Thermal Convection in a Rotating Annulus of Fluid"
  2. Keiichi ISHIOKA (Mar., 1995)
    "A Theoretical Study on Nonlinear Processes of Barotropically Unstable Flow on a Rotating Sphere" (in Japanese)
  3. Toru NOZAWA (Jan., 1997)
    "Numerical and Theoretical Studies on Forced Two-Dimensional Turbulence on a Rotating Sphere"
  4. Takeshi HORINOUCHI (Mar., 1997)
    "Excitation of Waves by Organized Cumulus Convection and their Interaction with the Mean Flow in the Equatorial Middle Atmosphere"
  5. Shozo YAMANE (Mar., 1998)
    "Theoretical and Numerical Studies on the Variability and Predictability of Atmospheric Circulation" (in Japanese)
  6. Koji AKAHORI (Mar., 1999)
    "Theoretical and Numerical Studies on the Interactions between Baroclinic Disturbances and the Basic Dynamical Field Associates with Low-Frequency Variations in the TropospherePredictability" (in Japanese)
  7. Masakazu TAGUCHI (Mar., 2001)
    "A Numerical Study on the Internal Variations of the Troposphere-Stratosphere Coupled System" (in Japanese)
  8. Ryo MIZUTA (Mar., 2002)
    "Transport and Mixing Processes due to Chaotic Mixing in the Polar Region in the Southern Winter Stratosphere" (in Japanese)
  9. Yasuko HIO (Mar., 2004)
    "Interannual Variations in the Structure and Interaction of Planetary Waves in the Southern Hemisphere Stratosphere"
  10. Seiya NISHIZAWA (Mar., 2005)
    "Probability Statistics Theory and Numerical Experiment on Trends in Atmospheric Variations" (in Japanese)
  11. Shigenori OTSUKA (Mar., 2009)
    "Numerical Studies on the Moist Layered-Structures Observed in the Tropical Middle Troposphere" (in Japanese)
  12. Hiroki YAMAMOTO (Mar., 2012)
    "A Study on the Dynamics of Superrotation of Planetary Atmospheres - Construction of An Axysymmetric Theoretical Model and Numerical Experiments" (in Japanese)
  13. Nurjana Joko TRILAKSONO (Mar., 2012)
    "Numerical Studies of Heavy Precipitation over West Java in January-February 2007"
  14. Rattana Chhin (Mar., 2019)
    "Future Projection of Drought in the Indochina Region Based on the Optimal Ensemble Subset of CMIP5 Models"