Review articles

icon   Haynes et al. (2021, J.Meteor.Soc.Japan)

icon   Hitchman et al. (2021, J.Meteor.Soc.Japan)

Haynes et al.(2021, J.Meteor.Soc.Japan)

Haynes, P., P. Hitchcock, M. Hitchman, S. Yoden, H. Hendon, G. Kiladis, K. Kodera, and I. Simpson, 2021: The influence of the stratosphere on the tropical troposphere. J.Meteor.Soc.Japan, 99, 803-845.

Schematic of possible pathways for coupling to troposphere for processes of (a) QBO-type (from tropical stratosphere) and (b) SSW-type (from extratropical stratosphere). Communication pathways: (1) extratropical stratosphere to midlatitude tropospheric jet; (2) tropical lower stratosphere to subtropical jet; (3) tropical lower stratosphere directly to tropical upper troposphere. Tropospheric feedbacks: (A) via extratropical dynamics; (B) via tropical dynamics

Hitchman et al.(2021, J.Meteor.Soc.Japan)

Hitchman, M.H., S. Yoden, P.H. Haynes, V. Kumar, and S. Tegtmeier, 2021: An observational history of the direct influence of the stratospheric Quasi-Biennial Oscillation on the tropical and subtropical upper troposphere and lower stratosphere. J.Meteor.Soc.Japan, 99, 239-267.

Time mean ERA-Interim QBO W-E differences for a) zonal wind and b)temperature (shading for not statistically significant), with superimposed arrows showing QBO W-E differences in the mean meridional circulation (at least either of (v,w) is significant)