Publication List (Peer-reviewed papers in English)


    Invited Talks (at international meetings)

International Collaborations

    Visiting scholar from abroad

    Host/Main Organizer of International Meetings

      Homepage etc. of some important meetings
      JSPS/NSF Japan-U.S. Seminar 2001 "Coupling of the troposphere and
        stratosphere by dynamical, radiative and chemical processes"
      10th Session of the SPARC SSG in 2002
      International Kick-off Symposium for KAGI 21 in 2003
      2006 Chapman Conference "Jets and Annular Structures in Geophysical Fluids"
      10th Kyoto Univ. International Symposium "Active Geosphere Science" in 2007
      Workshop on SSW and its Role in Weather and Climate Variations in 2012
      WCRP Regional Workshop on SPARC in 2013
      2013 RIMS International Conference on Theoretical Aspects of Variability and
        Predictability in Weather and Climate Systems
      KU-NTU Symposium 2014:  Session K11 "Natural Hazard and Global Change"

    Convenor of International Meetings

Research Projects

    Homepages of some important international projects

      Kyoto University Acvtive Geosphere Investigations for the 21st century
        COE Program (KAGI21) "Elucidation of the Active Geosphere" (FY2003-07)
      MEXT Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology
        "International Research for Prevention and Mitigation of Meteorological Disasters
        in Southeast Asia" (FY2007-09)
      Global COE Program "Sustainability / Survivability Science for a Resilient Society
        Adaptable to Extreme Weather Conditions" (GCOE-ARS) (FY2009-13)
      Kyoto University Inter-Graduate School Program for Sustainable Development
        and Survivable Societies (FY2011-17)
      Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S) "Extreme Weather Variations in the
        Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupled System: Past, Present and Future" (FY2012-16)
      JSPS Core-to-Core Program (Type B: Asia-Africa Science Platforms)
        "International Research Collaborations and Networking on Extreme Weather
        in Changing Climate in the Maritime Continent " (FY2015-17)
      Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas
        "Project for Solar-Terrestrial Environment Prediction (PSTEP)"
        A04 Group: Solar Cycle Activity and Impact on Climate (FY2015-19)
      WCRP/SPARC ativity SATIO-TCS "Stratospheric And Tropospheric Influences
        On Tropical Convective Systems"(2015-)