Research Groups

F Variation of stratospheric ozone and
           general circulation of the atmosphere

PI : Toshihiko Hirooka
            (Graduate School of Sciences, Kyushu University)

F Stratosphere-troposphere coupling
           in tropics observed in space-time
           variations of minor constituents

           PI :  Masato Shiotani
             (Graduate School of  Environmental Earth Science,
                                                             Hokkaido University)


F Transport processes in the stratosphere
          studied with a high-resolution general
          circulation/chemistry model

PI :  Masaaki Takahashi
            (Center for Climate System Research,
                                                            University of Tokyo)


F Transport processes associated with
           large-scale waves and their
           intraseasonal and interannual variations
   @        PI :  Shigeo Yoden
            (Graduate School of  Science, Kyoto University)