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赤道下部成層圏の風は, 東西方向の成分が周期約二年で振動しています. この現象を「準2年周期振動(quasi-biennial oscillation, 略してQBO)」と 呼んでいます. この図をみると, 約一年おきに東風と西風が交代し, その位相は上から下へ降りてくる様子が見てとれます.


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About the Equatorial Quasi-Biennial Oscillation (QBO)

The eastward component of the wind in the lower stratosphere over the equator varies quasi-regularly with the period of about two years. This phenomenum is called "quasi-biennial oscillation" (shortly "QBO"). In this figure, you can see that easterlies and westerlies take place by turns almost each another year. Change of the wind direction starts from the top of the figure and goes down to the bottom.

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