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   < Session 4b >  Intraseasonal and interannual variability   

Chair: Hisashi NAKAMURA (University of Tokyo)

  9:10-  9:50 Mike WALLACE (University of Washington)
The northern hemisphere annular mode: A survey

  9:50-10:30 Kunihiko KODERA (Meteorological Research Institute)
Coupled stratosphere and troposphere variability in the northern hemisphere winter


11:00-11:40  David KAROLY (Monash University)
Stratosphere-troposphere coupling in the Southern Hemisphere associated with interannual variability and longer-term trends

11:40-12:20  Mark BALDWIN (Northwest Research Associates)
Changes in weather patterns following stratospheric circulation anomalies

12:20-13:00 Jim HURRELL (NCAR)
Tropical origins for recent North Atlantic climate change

13:00-13:10 Bill RANDEL (NCAR)
                     Shigeo YODEN (Kyoto University)