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   < Special Session >  Talk matches by young scientists   

Chair: Bill RANDEL (NCAR)

  9:10-  9:30 Steven SHERWOOD (Yale University)
On the role of cumulus-driven mixing in the tropical tropopause layer

  9:30-  9:50 Masatomo FUJIWARA (Hokkaido University)
The role of the equatorial Kelvin wave in stratosphere-troposphere exchange

  9:50-10:10 Andrew GETTELMAN (NCAR)
The balance of processes governing stratosphere-troposphere exchange at the tropical tropopause

10:10-10:30 Koji AKAHORI (Nagoya University)
Mass transport and wave packets in low frequency variations 

10:30-10:50 Dylan JONES (Harvard University)
Influence of the vertical structure of gravity wave drag on the mean age of air and ozone in the lower stratosphere


11:20-11:40 Miho YAMAMORI (University of Tokyo)
Effect of synoptic-scale disturbances on appearance of medium-scale tropopausal waves over the western Pacific

John ANDERSON (Hampton University)
Stratosphere troposphere coupling inferred from SAGE II and HALOE measurements

12:00-12:20 Nozomi KAWAMOTO (NASDA, EORC)
Breakup of the polar vortex in the Northern and Southern late winters

12:20-12:40 David THOMPSON (Colorado State University)
Observed changes in the frequency of occurrence of extreme weather events following stratospheric circulation anomalies

12:40-13:00 Yoko NAITO (Kyoto University)
Wave/mean-flow interaction in the Southern Hemisphere: Composite analysis with respect to the QBO phases


   < Special Session >  Professor HIROTA and his old friends   

Chair: Shigeo YODEN (Kyoto University)

15:00-16:20  Taroh MATSUNO (Frontier Research System for Global Change)
                      Mike WALLACE (University of Washington)
                      Hiroshi TANAKA (Nagoya University)
                      Jim HOLTON (University of Washington)
                      Susumu KATO (Kyoto University)
                      Alan PLUMB (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
                      Saburo MIYAHARA (Kyushu University)
                      Matt HITCHMAN(University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Recollections on the past 40 years
--- establishing period of the middle atmosphere sciences ---

16:30-17:30 Isamu HIROTA (Kyoto University)
Earlier days of equatorial middle atmosphere studies
--- personal retrospective ---

18:00-20:00  group dinner at a Zen-style "TOFU" restaurant